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"Since the week we moved here 3 years ago Dr. Willingham and her wonderful staff of ladies have been there for us and all our menagerie of furry family and today is no exception.  Their compassion goes beyond my expectations every time.  Dr. Willingham and Nicole have such gentle spirits and a way of explaining things that makes them the only veterinary clinic I would take our beloved pets to.  Thank you, Dr. Willingham, Nicole, Amanda, Sherrie, Dr. Lindley and Bailey."
Louise H.

"Amazing caring office!  They spent a lot of one on one time with me explaining everything that was going on with my fur baby."
Jamie D.

"The staff at Prosper Trail Animal Hospital care.  They are knowledgeable.  They got my arthritic husky up and moving when we were afraid the end was near."
Ruthanne K.

"Dr. Willingham and staff are fantastic.  Had a crisis...still in crisis mode...with my middle fur child, and am SO glad I took her here.  Had been planning to start going here but thought it would be with routine care, not a fur baby health crisis!  She took the time to explain everything and make a plan.  My sweet pup is feeling better but we have a long way to go, and I'm glad it's with the PTAH team.  Thank you!"
Stephanie A.

"Give them 5 STARS!!  We love Dr. Willingham!  She is so kind and treats your pets as if they were her own!  It's the same with her staff.  They are the best clinic I have ever found.  Trust Prosper Trail Animal Hospital with your pets too!"
Elizabeth S.

"Dr. Willingham and the rest of the staff are top notch.  I have the utmost confidence in them to care for my two dogs.  They are always very pleasant and professional and it's clear they love animals and what they do."
Marley P.

"I love Dr. Willingham!  She has a sweet, caring disposition.  She's also got the best bedside manner and is great at answering questions and concerns.  The office staff and vet techs are also great.  I'd recommend Dr. Willingham to everyone!!!!!"
Diane J.

"Dr. Willingham and the staff are professional and treat you and your pets very well.  Especially love the Dr. and her assistant.  Great place for your pets care.  I also liked it because it sits off the road and is not on a busy highway.  I would highly recommend Prosper Trail Animal Hospital."
Kim S.

"Dr. Willingham and her staff show great care and compassion for my 3 fur babies.  She is an excellent veterinarian."
Kim R.

"Thank you for making sure my new baby kitty is all healthy!!  I don't know anyone who takes the time to research a test right there in the office!  I appreciate your time and care!!"
Jill S.

"I LOVE Dr. Willingham.  Her unparalleled knowledge and support as well as her loving staff really make you feel like you are in the right place!  My dog, Max, is constantly finding a reason to come see her between his stiches and him getting bit by a critter.  I won't take him any other place."
Britton L.

"Dr. Willingham's knowledge, experience, dedication and compassion for both her animal patients and their human counterparts is unparalleled.  While I trust and respect her expertise in diagnosing and treating my dogs, it is her incomparable ability to communicate compassionately, patiently, and clearly that prompted me to follow her to her new practice; it's also why I confidently refer every pet owner I know to her.  Dr. Willingham spent an hour with me this morning exploring every angle related to the difficult decision of putting my dog to sleep.  Dr. Willingham and her staff consistently exceed my expectations for which I am extremely grateful!"
Ashley C.

"We have 4 dogs, 2 German Shepherds (one is a puppy), a Lab, and a Chug.  We have been going to Dr. Willingham for about 6 months and have had excellent experiences each and every time.  Their prices are fair and she is always on time.  The longest we have had to wait is about 5 minutes.  She is very knowledgeable and friendly, and the dogs love her."
Dave S.

"Such a GREAT place & Dr. Willingham is the BEST."
Dianne F.

"I love Dr. Willingham and her staff!  I have been to many vets in the McKinney/ Prosper area and Prosper Trail is the best!  Dr. Willingham always takes her time with me to make sure I understand everything.  She is very personable and loves her furry friends too.  I highly recommend Dr. Willingham to everyone!!"
Paula M.

"Dr. Willingham and her staff are AMAZING!  They are truly caring and take the time to help you understand anything you need to know about your pet.  I will always call them for anything I need with our three babies."
Julie F.

"What a beautiful clinic!  I got the grand tour and was so impressed with the facility!  Even better than that was the staff!  They are all friendly and caring.  While I was there they went and helped coerce a horse who had escaped his corral get back home safely!  Give them a visit!"
Peggy J.

"Fantastic vet and clinic for our Northern Texas community!  I highly recommend!"
Dana M.

"I was very pleased with my first visit to Prosper Trail Animal Hospital.  Dr. Willingham was exceptionally kind with my newly rescued dog.  She was very thorough in his examination and the follow-up his parasite issue.  Her staff members are all friendly and professional.  This clinic is a nice addition to our community!"
Maureen P.

"Dr. Willingham was so good with my dog, Lily.  She listened to all my concerns about my dog and helped to determine the best hygiene care and diet routine for her to be on to keep her healthy longer.  Her facility was so inviting and clean.  Staff was very nice and it was apparent they enjoyed being there.  Definitely recommend her and have Lily scheduled for another visit."
Vita V.

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